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[Author's Choice] 004. Keita/Kazuki

Characters: Keita/Kazuki
Prompt: N/A
Type: Fic
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A

"Inaba seems to be getting a lot of hype lately. First the upcoming pop star Risette, and now former member of 1080, Yamaguchi Keita, found his way there just after being released from prison. There hasn't been any mention of the star or the incidents he was allegedly involved in since their conclusion last year which was resolved only when Yamaguchi turned himself in, confessing to the atrocious crimes. However, officials are now saying there may have been more to this story and that Yamaguchi was set up, perhaps even forced to confess, as new evidence has surfaced, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no way he could have been involved. In light of the error, Yamaguchi was granted a federal pardon, and today, he will walk out a free man. He declined an interview, but left only one comment in which he stated that he will begin his life anew in Inaba. Authorities cannot confirm nor deny whether Yamaguchi is able to seek compensation; more information will be made available pending investigation. In other news today..."

The voice in the TV droned on, but though Kazuki had tuned it out after the relevant story had ended, he was unable to turn it off. He was unable to move; did that really just happen? It was good news, of course... wasn't it?

But what did they mean by new evidence? Keita had confessed to Kazuki long before he'd gone public with the same knowledge. Those events... Kazuki may never have borne witness to them, personally, but he sure did watch the impact they had left on his dear friend. It was tearing him apart from the inside out; that wasn't something he could fake, to say the least. Was there more to the story? If Keita was really pressured and forced to confess... There had to be a reason to target him, right? He had to be involved in some way at least...

Kazuki's eyes wandered to his cell phone on the table. How recent was that news story he'd just heard...? Kazuki's phone was silent, as it had been for so long by now. It almost seemed more of a formality just to hold onto it. Still, even though it had gone months without so much as a ring, now each second was eating away at him. Keita, why aren't you calling...?

By the end of the day, Kazuki let his impatience overcome him, and he booked a one-way ticket to Inaba.