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[1-Sentence] Kazuki

Character: Kazuki
Prompt: Varied
Type: 1-Sentence
Rating: PG?
Warnings: None
Status: Unfinished//In-progress

1.Comfort – For the longest time, Kazuki was unable to even ascertain his own feelings; there was such a fine line between comfort and love.
2.Kiss -
3.Soft -
4.Pain – With each new incision he felt new levels of pain; it was a pain great enough to wish for death, and yet he'd bear it all and more if he could even have a chance to protect Keita from the same fate.
5.Potatoes -
6.Rain – He'd continue to play, even in the rain, but even the sturdiest sandcastles would wash away after taking on too much water.
7.Chocolate -
8.Happiness -
9.Telephone – He didn't care for phones until Keita disappeared; after that, he desperately longed to hear his voice.
10.Ears -
11.Name – It was amazing, really, just how hearing him cry his name could shatter even his utmost resolve.
12.Sensual -
13.Death -
14.Sex -
15.Touch -
16.Weakness – He hated to show his weakness then, and he regretted it ever since; if only he could have been stronger, he could have saved him...
17.Tears -
18.Speed – Why does everything break so quickly, but it takes forever to repair?
19.Wind –
20.Freedom – It should have been liberating when Mitsuru and the others pulled him away from Keita-- after all, he was a captive there; but he couldn't let go of the lingering attachment despite the circumstances.
21.Life -
22.Jealousy –
23.Hands -
24.Taste -
25.Devotion – The truth was that he admired Keita's devotion and wished to replicate it in return.
26.Forever -
27.Blood -
28.Sickness -
29.Melody -
30.Star -
31.Home – Ever since that day, Kazuki had abandoned any notion of “home,” but after the longest time, he came to realize that his home would always be by Keita's side.
32.Confusion -
33.Fear -
34.Lightning/Thunder -
35.Bonds -
36.Market -
37.Technology -
38.Gift – He would never admit it, but Kazuki treasured the outfit and the ears simply because they were a gift from Keita.
39.Smile -
40.Innocence -
41.Completion -
42.Clouds -
43.Sky -
44.Heaven -
45.Hell -
46.Sun -
47.Moon -
48.Waves – Just like waves along the shoreline, Kazuki vowed to slowly make his mark on Keita until all doubt eroded away.
49.Hair -
50.Supernova -


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