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[Prompt] 004. Katori/Will/Wish upon a star

Characters: Katori and Will
Prompt: Wish upon a star
Type: Fic
Rating: G
Warnings: None

“It really is a pretty night, isn't it?” Katori smiled as he gazed up at the cloudless sky; he wondered if the Dark Hour that night might be a little brighter... Of course, only time would tell, and though it would arrive soon, he preferred not to think about it, not when something so beautiful was surrounding him now.

“It's okay, I guess,” Will half-agreed, never one to hold an opinion either way about something as mundane as a sky. She supposed it was kind of nice, but really, Katori was staring at it like he'd never seen a star before. Well... It was their first night apart from S.E.E.S. Perhaps he was happy to be blessed with such a good omen. If she thought of it that way... Yeah. The sky did look rather pretty.

“Did you make a wish?” he asked next. He wasn't really going there, was he? Really, he was just like a child sometimes.

“You actually believe in stuff like that?” she laughed at him, although... the idea wasn't entirely laughable. She'd never admit it to him, but maybe she was a little envious that he could still bring himself to believe in such silly endeavors.

“Is it wrong?” he laughed back, fully expecting such a response.

“No,” she said, “but it doesn't mean I do.”

“But from now on, we're... going to make everyone's wishes come true...” Katori softly replied and looked back towards her. “That means yours, too.”

“I don't have any dreams or anything like that, Sissy. I told you, I'm here to keep an eye on you,” she responded with her usual confidence. While Katori appreciated the gesture itself, there had to be something he could do for her in exchange; there had to be something she desired...


She sighed and threw her hands into the air, shrugging in a sort of defeat. “All right, all right. I'll make one. First star I see, right?”

“Ah— Right!”

And she picked one out and smiled at it as she pointed, almost as if telling the star, “Yeah, you. I picked you. Be grateful!”

“What was your wish? If I can ask...” Katori questioned, curious to know. He was certain she'd say it was a secret, but to his surprise, she replied, “You can.

“I wished that even just for tonight, that wishing on a star was real...” She turned towards him. “So that you can get your wish.”

Katori's mouth gaped open slightly, though he couldn't manage a word out as his face flushed. It wasn't often that he could be stunned to such silence, but she certainly managed it easily. He was touched, not only because of the nature of the wish, but that she shared it with him as well. It didn't help him to figure out how to grant her wish in return, but... She gave him the power to grant all wishes. Endowed with such a strength, it would only be a matter of time before he could return the favor.

“W-Will-san... Thank you...” he whispered, clutching a hand at his heart.

“What's that look for, huh?” she laughed back, poking his forehead with her index finger. “You're going to save the world, right? You can't possibly expect to do it without a miracle here and there. Even if I'm here to help you out.”

“Your presence here is the miracle,” he insisted. “I'll never forget it...”

“See that you don't.”

Katori looked at his watch... It was getting later. “We should head inside... The Dark Hour is approaching, and... I want to keep this sky in my mind tonight.”